Digital Bulletins

January 20, 2019

Worship Songs
 Eric Chen

Verse of the Month: Exodus 20:16

(School-Age Children Dismissed)

 Take 5

John Park

  Missionary Prayer
Chris Du

Offering/Offering Song

Justin Culbertson
Luke 18:9-14

Closing Song

Closing Prayer

Praise and Prayer

  • Pray for Our Gospel Partners:

    Global: Spriegel (Kenya), Rood (Japan), Gwin (Central Asia), Joe (Middle East), Wadhams (Lummi), Morris (Costa Rica), Chow (Philippines), Meliah & Tim (Middle East), Stacy (East Asia), Fry (Haiti)

    Local: Cito & Sue Cruz (Maine), Tony & Stephanie Wee (DC Epic), Melissa Alba (GMU Bridges), Stephanie Mberego (Bridges), Mary & Mobin Jacob (Epic)

Church News

Time With God - Today, 12:45-3 pm

Join the prayer team as we start 2019 at the feet of Jesus.
Bring your lunch, Bible, journal, and a listening heart, to the Church Sanctuary.

Newcomer’s Luncheon

Join us for lunch after service on January 27th from 12:30-1:30 pm and get to know the church leadership. RSVP by January 26th to Matthew Ballard

Baby Dedication

Our Baby Dedication Ceremony will take place on January 27th during the service. If you would like to participate, please contact Liz Kim.

Marriage Conference- Feb. 1 -2

ABC is hosting our first marriage conference on Feb 1 and 2! Our speakers, Pastor Sam Kim and Alice Kim will be doing 4 sessions on the biblical foundation for marriage as the framework for intimacy and freedom from shame in our marriages. You can register for this event here. Register early as space is limited. Contact Sungjin Kim with any questions.