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Eric Chen

Eric grew up in Southern California, and after attending college in Philadelphia, PA, he moved to Northern Virginia to work for an IT consulting firm. He met his lovely wife, Angela, here at Ambassador, and they have three children: Ethan, Allison, and Elizabeth. Eric has served on the worship team and sound team at ABC for over 15 years, and has led the sound team for the past several years. He enjoys the combination of the spiritual, artistic, and technical in worshipping God through music.

Eric accepted Christ as his Savior in high school, after struggling for years with placing his identity and self-worth in achievement and a deeply-rooted fear of failure. He experienced God’s love and acceptance through the fellowship and patient love of friends who persistently invited him to church and shared the gospel with him. Through his intervening life stages since then, through good times (marriage, parenthood) and bad (health struggles, personal setbacks), God has always been faithful and unchanging. He is worthy to be praised, and Eric looks forward to many more years of worshipping Him at Ambassador and helping invest in His work.

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