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Joanne Tang

Joanne is excited to join the Ministry team at ABC as Director of Discipleship. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Joanne pursued Education and taught Elementary and Middle School grade levels (B.Ed, M.Ed.) for a few years. With multiple missions experiences in France in her teenage years, the Lord led her to pursue a short-term mission assignment in Bihar, India as an Educational Consultant with SIM (Society of International Ministry). This is where she met Steve, who was also serving in short-term medical missions and after marriage and relocating to USA, she has lived in Virginia since 2001. Steve and Joanne have three children and are busy parenting and caring for their community.

Joanne has had the desire and passion to see the church fulfilling its responsibility to do the work that Jesus, as Head of the Church, directs, for the purpose of glorifying God. In her desire to understand more about discipleship and church leadership she graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2017 with a Masters in Christian Leadership with an emphasis in discipleship. Joanne seeks to passionately encourage discipleship in multicultural settings across the body of believers from young to old; through scripture knowledge, study, prayer and loves to help create stimulating community-based fellowship environments.

When there is spare time, Joanne rewards herself with reading, gardening and cooking. Her favorite thing to do is explore a new place and meet people.

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