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Made to Multiply

ABC is partnering with e3partners to host a Made to Multiply seminar.

e3 stands for:

1. Equip: Equip believers to take ownership of the Great Comission

2. Evangelize: Send believers into their local and global communities to evangelize the lost
3. Establish: Partner with believers to establish local churches across the globe.

Why are we doing this?

Discipleship starts with sharing the good news, and we are intentional about helping our brothers and sisters understand their roles as disciples and disciple-makers. Many believers have real fears about sharing their faith, such as:

- Being afraid of saying something wrong
- Feeling out of practice
- Not knowing what to say, when to say it, or what to leave out
- Feeling fearful of not having Bible verses memorized or misquoting the Word
- Feeling at a loss for words
- Being posed with a question they don't have the answer to
- Feeling fearful of personal rejection or having someone reject God as a result of something they said

For some, it takes a mind-shift to realize it is not just those who possess the gift of evangelism or the calling to full-time ministry who are responsible to evangelize, but we are ALL commanded to share the gospel. At ABC, we are committed to equipping you with the teaching and tools needed to be fulfillers of the Great Commission.

The Made to Multiply seminar will train participants in a group setting to study the Great Commission and learn simple tools and strategies on how to tell others about Jesus. Attendees will have the opportunity to venture out into their local community to share the good news, using these practiced tools. Upon completion of the Gospel Conversations Training, believers will be equipped to make the Great Commission a key component of their every day lifestyle.

We will follow up with two additional meetups at ABC in subsequent months to encourage the development of this lifestyle.

This seminar is free except for lunch fees. All are welcome! Register here. We will contact you with more details closer to the event.
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