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Real-Life Discipleship: Summer 2024

This summer we are hosting a 10-week, in-person discipleship training on Monday evenings from 7-9PM at ABC. This will be in the form of a small group-like experience. It is targeted for anyone who takes Jesus' words in Matthew 28:18-20 seriously, to not only be a disciple but also be a disciple-maker. If this is something you'd like to understand further but are unsure where to start, this training is designed for you! We will follow a training manual called Real Life Discipleship that will lead us through the following principles:

1. Aligning our hearts in obedience to God's calling to discipleship
2. Being intentional in relationship with others
3. Setting relational environments that foster the cycle of discipleship

Each week, we will gather together to discuss our readings, thoughts, and reflections in a safe, relaxed environment.

Participants can expect 30 mins of homework for 5 days of the week. There are 12 spots available, so please register here! For more information, please contact Joanne.
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