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Steve Tang

My background growing up was in western Massachusetts, having been brought up in a loving but agnostic leaning family, where spiritual discussions were not common. By the time I entered college, I found myself looking for answers to soul searching questions that had been brewing inside for some time; at the end of my freshman year, I ended up being invited by a Campus Crusade ministry student to an open bible study. Later that summer, after being encouraged to read the entire gospels for the first time in my life, I decided to follow Christ as my Savior. The Lord then began to gradually change my outlook, heart, and purpose for my life which ultimately led me from the field of engineering into medicine to become a family physician. He also used ministries including InterVarsity to teach me how foundational small group bible studies were, and how important it is to be in a community of supportive believers.

During and after my medical training, God called me to serve in medical missions among different places around the world including Brazil, and ultimately India, where I met my wife Joanne who was also serving with SIM. After a brief 2 years in Michigan, we relocated in 2001 to Northern Virginia post-residency, where we are now firmly rooted with three children of various student ages: Rachael, Heather, and Nathan.

Since becoming a member at ABC, I have enjoyed the growth of leading a men’s small group, helping with Joanne to host the Prince William County community group, and also being a connect group greeter, to welcome people coming in to worship. What has been amazing to me in my walk with Him, is that no matter where I have lived, across the US and the world, God’s relational love is always evident in his body of believers, and waiting for those whose seek it. I am so glad to be a part of a “church to call home”.

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